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Unlock the power of digital audio to immerse and engage listeners.

365 Digital brings the world’s most sophisticated programmatic audio marketplace to South African advertisers looking to make use of this powerful channel. Industry-leading digital audio advertising solutions for industry-leading brands and publishers.

Top brands leverage our digital audio advertising solutions to reach local and global audiences across a wide array of formats, including Livestream, On-Demand and Podcast.

Mobile First | Brand Safe | Effective

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Brand-safe environments


1:1 Brand to Listener Experience


Minimal ad-blocking


Brand safe publishers


Highly engaged audience – strong ad recall 


Listener level targeting – data-rich channel

Premium Publishers
in a2xProgrammatic
Audio Marketplace

The world’s premiere programmatic audio marketplace, now available in South Africa.

Discover the Difference
of Digital Audio.

Digital audio ads can be served into Live, On-Demand, or Podcast content.

Audio ads are non-skippable and can be inserted as Pre, Mid, or Post-Roll audio advertisements.
Ads are delivered on a per-listener level, which means they are delivered in a clutter and distraction-free environment. They are heard by audiences who are listening to any of the stations through a streaming radio device.

This provides media buyers with the opportunity to engage with their target audiences in a meaningful way, by delivering highly-relevant, targeted ads to each listener.
Precise targeting is available across, format or genre, national or regional and by age, gender and 1st & 3rd party data.

Unleash the Power 
of Programmatic

Execute non-skippable and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience.

Premium Publishers

Access premium publishers
through an integrated DSP. 


We partner with licensed broadcasters and top-tier internet radio publishers to assure the quality inventory and brand safety you can trust. 

Private Deals

Gain access to publishers’ top tiered inventory through Private Deals.

Quality Control

Ads are delivered on a per-listener level

Only Real Listeners Counted

Robot activity (spiders/bots) filtered out.

Fraud Detection

Double listening is eliminated. Publisher own IP is excluded from measurement. Sessions lasting 24hours or more not counted.

One Minute Rule

Sessions under 1- minute length (i.e. failed connections)  are eliminated from reporting.

Demand Side Platform Integrations

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Triton Digital® and 365 Digital joined forces in 2017 to educate the region on the benefits of programmatic audio, and to help publishers and advertisers throughout South Africa leverage the burgeoning digital audio channel to both engage and reach their target audiences across podcasts, broadcast radio streams, online games, sports, and online music services. 

a2x® is the world’s first programmatic marketplace for digital audio. The industry-leading global audio marketplace allows publishers to unleash the power of programmatic by executing non-skippable and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience. Leverage a2x for complete monetization of your inventory, or make it a part of your larger revenue strategy.