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365 Digital exists to provide advertisers and agencies access to bespoke advertising opportunities and marketplaces of premium audiences and ad inventory.





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The world’s largest brands rely on 365 Digital’s premier publisher marketplace to reach and engage with their audiences. 

Reach 24 million users across SA’s most loved, brand-safe sites.

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Access South Africa’s premier publishers in one place.

Through unique relationships with South Africa’s premier online publishers, agencies and advertisers can speak to their exact audience, enabling measurable and successful digital marketing campaigns.

From premium tenancy deals, sponsorships, takeovers and high impact rich media ad units, to full programmatic direct campaigns run across a large portfolio of curated, premium publishers –  agencies and advertisers can have full confidence that their brands are being seen by the right audience in brand safe environments with full transparency.

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What our partners

have to say


My journey with 365 Digital has been one of great success filled with new innovating offerings and collaborative work where business KPI’s are at the center and a team willing to go the extra mile to achieve our business goals… We have worked together for many years and have built a solid and respectful business work ethic where both sides of the table’s needs are met.
Their honesty and transparency make our campaigns work seamlessly. The team are always on standby to make our crazy idea’s come to life. This is a partnership that very well will be in existence for a very long time.”

Stacy Linden, Senior Programmatic Specialist, Brand and Marketing

We 100% resonate with 365 Digital’s commitment to pushing the envelope in ad viewability standards. As a leader in the South African advertising landscape, they have demonstrated their commitment to bringing targeted ads to relevant audiences – and their eagerness to tackle in-game advertising is testament to their forward – thinking approach.”

Itamar Benedy, Co-founder and CEO, 

phd South Africa

365 Digital have been a key valued partner to phdSouth Africa for many years. They are a critical part of our Trusted Marketplace due to their focus on quality media solutions, coupled with exceptional service delivery. As a business, they are also actively involved in improving the Digital media industry in South Africa, providing key best practice input to aAfricagency partners and the IAB alike” 

Kimon Sitas, Group Head of Digital, PHD, South Africa


Reach audiences across South Africa’s most celebrated publishers and platforms.


Globally, OLX, is the fourth largest publisher in the world. Locally, OLX is a top online marketplace where South Africans go to buy from an exhaustive range of goods. OLX has positioned itself away from this stigma that classified are unsafe through its robust registration process.

OLX provides a brand-safe environment for advertisers to reach a broad audience of South Africans with the intent to purchase.


Zando South Africa’s premier online fashion shopping destination.

The site is home to over 550 brands, including footwear, apparel, homeware, beauty products and including their very own in-house brands. Zando is the first e-commerce site with a full programmatic offering and actionable customer data, offering brands the opportunity to get one step closer to consumers and conversions.

Think Wi-Fi

Our partnership with Think Wi-Fi and with advertisers makes free Wi-Fi a reality in South Africa, which allows everyone to be part of the digital journey and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Think WiFi has been operating since 2018 and has since launched 160 ThinkZones around South Africa and currently reaches 1.6M South Africans.

This free Wi-Fi service is offered to everyone through an ad-funded monetization model.

Through partnering, Think Wi-Fi provides Free, Uncapped Wi-Fi access to communities in townships, public areas and transportation hubs.

Blended in-game advertising brings brands into the gaming experience through immersive ads served across platforms in a completely non-disruptive manner. Our solution enables brands to engage gamers with ultra-realistic programmatic ads, and offers solutions for brand lift measurement tools, fraud detection, and more. 

The first and only programmatic in-game advertising solution for esports and streaming, offering the first-ever in-game ad verification solution for Console, PC and mobile gaming that ensures advertisers pay only for viewable impressions.


EWN has positioned itself as one of the most credible newsrooms in the country. With a truly independent approach to journalism.

The integrity of the organization and its journalists have resulted in a powerful voice with a national audience across radio and digital.

EWN has always stayed ahead of the curve by incorporating the right digital channels to reach our ever-growing audiences.

Right time. Right Place. Right Content. Right Medium.

Mail & Guardian

Mail & Guardian is still South Africa’s leading investigative publication, a forum for debate about the country and its politics, and a provider of the top arts and culture coverage.

M&G has received numerous accolades and awards for its online work, including being the first to win the multi-platform award at the 2013 Sikuvile awards.


Sharenet is the most accessed financial and investment site in the country, serving in excess of 5 mill impressions per month to over 135 000 unique users.

Sharent delivers a wide range of investment information and operates its own highly sophisticated proprietary developed online trading infrastructure.

Sharenet’s is a sophisticated trading network that links specific financial products with specific customers assisting them in every aspect of the management of their investments as well as enabling them to effect financial transactions online.

Sharenet is a technology focussed company, yet we believe in customer-orientated development above all else. This approach is made possible through the intimate relationships we manage with our customers on our own site.


Hellopeter is the go-to company review site, helping consumers make better choices and helping businesses make improvements to their services,

Ideal for competitor targeting, Hellopeter gives brands the opportunity to position themselves as supplements to a good review or an alternative to a bad one

Reach users at specific points in their consumer journey, whether looking for their first car insurance provider or reviewing a company service


Tuned into this positive energy and passion, KFM reflects the spirit of the Western Cape.

Through authentic, influential personalities, great music and inspiring creativity, they connect with a lucrative audience.

KFM’s audience is a premium and upwardly mobile market, boasting listeners with house hold income and employment levels ranking way above population norms.

KFM’s racial mix of listeners is the most representative of the province.


SlikourOnLife is an Urban Hip Hop publication catering for music fan.

Through music, video, artist interviews, exclusive downloads and audio content this publication connects people through Hip Hop culture.


365 Digital’s Programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP), the industry-leading local marketplace offering Trading Desks, Agencies and Advertisers Programmatic access to South Africa’s premium publishers.

The 365 Digital PMP allows agencies to reach the right audiences in a real-time bidding environment. Run campaigns with full transparency, efficiency and cost-effectively across our entire portfolio or just one of curated South African publishers.

What is a PMP?

A PMP is where inventory is bought and sold programmatically, in exclusive, brand-safe environments. Advertisers have access to highly targeted audiences, programmatically with full transparency and efficiency across a large portfolio of curated, premium publisher.

How is it bought?

Inventory and audiences are bought using a demand-side platform. Deals can be set up in three ways:

Private Auction

Several Advertisers (by invite) Auction with CPM floor unreserved impressions.

Preferred Deals

One-to-one, fixed CPM pricing and unreserved Impressions.

Programmatic Guarenteed

 One-to-one, fixed CPM pricing, Reserved Impressions.


More about us

365 Digital is an independent multi-channel media business with a rich heritage in the South African advertising industry. For the past 20 years we have represented the biggest publishers in the industry and have helped global and local brands connect with audiences in the most meaningful and impactful ways.

The company has evolved into a multi-platform, multidisciplinary media business with large scale reach across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Innovative, customized advertising opportunities across multi-channeled platforms with seamless integration allow us to entertain, educate and engage, at scale.

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, the business is committed to unlocking the true potential of premium publishers and to providing advertisers access to those audiences at scale.

Walk with us for another 20 years.

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